Bawdy Blueprints

Bawdy Blueprints

Clit Sucker Teardown

For around $15 on Aliexpress, one called "Meselo 10-Frequency Nipple Sucker Clitoris Masturbator Massager Waterproof Mute Clit Suction Vibrators Sex Toys for Woman."

The minijack charging port is on its own board, held in by a screwed-down washer. The main board is attached with 3 screws. The motor has adhesive-backed foam for a press fit.

There is a silicone diaphram, with a hard plastic bearing to interface with the motor. An annular Mickey Mouse piece holds the diaphram perimeter to the housing.

The cam shaft attached to the motor has a diameter of 5mm, with a 2.1mm shaft at its edge that interfaces with the diaphram bearing. This gives a 2.9mm displacement to the diaphram.

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