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Heated dildo teardown

For $20 on Aliexpress, a device titled "Heating USB charging Vibrator for Woman 10 speed Can bend Soft huge dildo Penis G Spot Vagina anus Masturbator Sex Toy for adult." But we're not here for the name.

Before we tear it down, let's see how hot it gets. It's advertised as 39.5 C, or 103.1 F. For both of the following tests, was charged overnight before turning it on.

From the tip: 1, 2, 3, 4- so 2 and 3 are around the same band, on opposite sides. The dildo is flat on a cutting mat during the test.

Not much heating at all the first 2-3 minutes; after 7 minutes, we get into 88-89 F territory (31.1-31.7 C), but only in one spot.

For the second test, 4 thermocouples applied in the area where heating was seen in the first test. This test is done with the tip of the dildo raised in the air.

We're at 93.9 F (34.4 C) in a very small area, with spots under an inch away at 84 F (28.9 C). Thermal distribution clearly not a priority here.

Clearly not silicone- some kind of cheap TPE.

The business end is all at the tip- vibrator inside plastic housing, heating pad taped to outside of housing.

Gooseneck wireway is... interesting. Not convinced it's a good idea, but it's interesting. Adhesive-backed foam around the gooseneck fills up space between the outer dildo shell & the gooseneck. Masking tape is used as gap filler between mechanical interfaces.

Closeup of heating pad starting to come apart; gooseneck wireway.

One interesting feature- a void in the tip. Presumably to squeeze the tip during installation of the vibe/heater, making it easier to push inside.

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