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The linear project

There are a number of "fucking machine" DIY plans out there, with varying degrees of thoughtfulness. There are several consumer products that achieve this, with varying degrees of quality. I think there is space for a RepRap-style distributed engineering project to tackle the design problems as they exist, with a goal of being affordable while offering more functionality than current designs. For example, the typical cam design does not replicate biology that well; very slow movement is (usually) not possible, and stroke length is mechanically fixed. This could be fixed with a slip disk and a linear actuator on the cam- but I don't think the answer is in adding complexity. My hunch is that the answer will be in lead or ballscrews- first finding a working design before tackling the possibly-bigger problem of making it quiet.

I hope to clean this page up, and update it with more and more sources for each section.

The project can be broken down as:

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