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For around $35, one named "Leten Magnetic Pulse Automatic Thrusting Dildo Vibrator Sex Shop for Woman, Heating Penis Wand Massager Sexual Toys for Women."

magpulse dildo
A map with poles.

magpulse dildo
I didn't thermocouple this one, but can confirm it gets warm around the middle. 107.6 F is definitely... aspirational.

magpulse dildo
Not everyday we get a product listing with a cross section image included!

There it goes!

After removing the silicone shell, there are still wires running to two components inside: the vibe in the rabbit tip, and a captouch sensor in the front tip- when powered on, the device turns on and off when the tip contacts skin.

The coil is wound around features on the central shaft part. The handle on the right side of the image has two parts screwed together; there is an extra collar part that holds these parts together. The heating pad covers about 1.5" of the ~4.25 insertable inches of the toy.

A line soldered to aluminum foil and wrapped around a 1.5 cm cube of foam gives us our capacitive touch ability in the tip.

There is so much magnetism going on that this thing must be a trip to assemble. The vibe and screws keep jumping at the magnets while I'm taking this photo.

A closeup of the board, if you're into that sort of thing.

The magnet in the handle / base is easy to remove, just held in place with the two plastic handle halfs. The cylinder magnet slides out upon disassembly also. There is a magnet in the tip that is firmly held in place with adhesive.

#1, the handle / disk magnet, is 4 mm thick and 18 mm in diameter. The cylinder magnet is actually two that have been glued together; each is 36mm long, for a total of 72 mm in length; they are 15 mm in diameter. The magnets will pull themselves together when about 1.5" inches apart. There is another disk magnet in the tip (#4), which is smaller in diameter to the other disk; this one is about 15 mm in diameter and between 4 and 5 mm thick. The coil wire is about 0.5 mm in diameter, and the coil diameter is 22 mm with a length of 38 mm. The magnets are installed such that the poles are in opposition to the cylinder magnet; they both push away from it so that it is floating inside.

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